Thursday, 19 July 2012

Preparing for the school holidays

Today's the last day of the school year for my two children. Its also their last day at their current school since they are both moving to a new smaller school in September.
School finishes early today so I have to pick them up at 2.30.
To make matters worse the junior end of term assembly starts at 1.15 and parents are expected to attend.
Lets face it - if you don't attend you can guarantee that somehow they will have managed to win a prize and you will go down in history as the rubbish-est parent ever in the whole entire world to have missed this
monumental moment.
I stick to the theory that as long as I am there the boy wont win anything and disappointment is a very valuable life skill!
There was a mad rush out of the playground this morning as parents rushed to enjoy these last few precious hours before the holidays began.
Me- I'm prepared- cupboards are heaving with food-I've sorted a couple of days out for next week-the forecast seems to be improving-So bring on the next 6 weeks-a chance to have some fun with my fab children without the hassle of homework,trying to coerce my daughter into enjoying school,and getting them both to bed at a reasonable time!
Are you looking forward to the holidays?
Why not share some holiday ideas with me?

Friday, 1 June 2012

Red Light means STOP!

I feel the need for a bit of a rant.
I apologise profusely for this before hand- I am usually a fairly easy going kinda girl but sometimes I get really annoyed by other people and their sheer stupidity and today is one of those occasions.

Where I live there is a retirement community next to our housing estate.
Obviously this means a large amount of old and sometime infirm people with mobility issues as well as lots of families with young children.

In order for us residents to get into town we have to cross a very busy main road since there is no pavement on our side of the road.Sensibly the council have installed a crossing to help us get safely to the other side of the road. Its a  proper crossing with traffic lights and everything and as a responsible mother I have gone to great lengths to teach my children not to step out into the road until the lights are on red and the crossing is beeping.

You would think this was simple to understand.

If the lights are red the cars stop and the people cross.
When the lights are green the cars go and the people stop.

Apparently not

Despite the traffic lights being red and the buzzer going off a reckless stupid silver mondeo driver drove straight over the crossing earlier, without even pausing or slowing down-he was easily travelling at 30 MPH 
Luckily a sixth sense stopped me from stepping out.

If I had been on the crossing he would not have been able to stop and I dread to think what the consequences may have been.Even worse anyone with a pushchair or in a wheelchair would have been hard pushed to avoid him.

So to the driver who is out there somewhere please take note and take more care when you are on the roads. RED ALWAYS MEANS STOP  before someone gets seriously hurt.

Rant over.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Saying Goodbye

As those of you who read my blogs will know my cat Benny has been poorly recently.
On Wednesday we had to go back to see Brad the Vet once more.
This time due to the large amount of weight loss over the past few weeks He could feel a large tumour on her kidneys. This was in all probability a secondary tumour, with the unidentified primary pressing on nerves causing her paralysis.
I had to make the decision to say goodbye to her before she had to suffer anymore.
There have been lots of tears in the Scrummy house since then, the children have found it really hard-and the dog is now pining for her companion and partner in crime.
Me- Im ok- remembering lots of happy times over the past 12 years with my rather too clever pusscat!
her first day with us
TC and Benny
Watching her favourite programme
helping with the ironing

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Scritchy Scratchers

Up until a couple of months ago we in the Scrummy household had been very lucky. Despite having worked for years in schools and nursery's and having two children in school we had never had to endure the shame of nitty nits.How our lives have changed!!!!
Let me explain- I went to a very old fashioned catholic convent school where the nit nurse came regularly to check every ones hair. The whole school had to line up one behind the other in the school hall under the gaze of the statue of our dear Lord himself. It was very simple- if you had nits you were given a letter in front of everyone and were not allowed back in school until the infestation had gone. The message was simple- nice children did not get nits- and the shame that having nits brought upon your family was not worth considering. Despite being the eldest of three no one in my family ever got nits. My mum would never have coped with the embarrassment and  my Grandma would have been mortified.
So you can imagine I was a little traumatised when my 6 year old daughter came running upstairs one morning and gleefully told me she had just picked something big and white out of her hair and it had run across the floor. Her brother helpfully announced "that's nits that is " (too much horrid Henry in my opinion!)
It would appear that children of today have a very different outlook - as both of mine skipped merrily across the playground that morning cheerfully and a tad loudly pronouncing that my daughter had real life scritchy scratchers in her hair. By the time we reached the school gates I was surprised that sky news were not covering it on their tickertape thingy since my two angels had happily spread the word to all and sundry.
The only strategy open to me was to embrace the problem, and fess up- buy a nit comb and act like theres nothing wrong. If my kids can view nits as a badge of honour then so could I .
Couple of days later and numerous hours spent with the comb and the problem had gone. I could breathe a sigh of relief and pretend that it had never happened.Why I could almost laugh about it.

Last night the standard letter "theres nits in the class" came home.
 Checked daughters hair.
Two bliming eggs.
Pass the gin please I feel another visit from the scritchy scratchers is on the way!!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

my new best friend- Brad the vet

Its been a traumatic few weeks in the scrummy household. We have had poorly sick animals. That's right- plural- both the dog and the cat. Proper poorly animals too- requiring numerous trips to the vets. I have managed 7 visits in the last 3 weeks and a bill of over £700 pounds.

The good news is  that my dog is now fine- the very high temperature has passed, and shes back to being an adorable pain in the backside as per usual.

The cat however is still struggling.She has had a paralysis in her rear leg for 3 weeks now. She appears to think this is somehow my fault and has decided the beat strategy is to sulk. As a result she hasn't moved far and is eating next to nothing. I am finding myself wondering around a selection of supermarkets buying yet more cat food trying to find something to tempt her.Throughout the day I am moving her to her favourite places trying to encourage some signs of life or interest. I have even taken her upstairs in the hope that she would have to make her own way back down - but no she sat exactly where I had left her looking really unhappy until I gave in and carried her back to her bed.

Hence my new best friend Brad. Having only gone to  the vets once a year for boosters, we are now on first name terms. He even recognises my voice on the phone. I suspect hes spending his bank holiday booking a 5 star break somewhere exotic at my expense. I meanwhile am lamenting my decision not to train as a vet 20 years ago. I am a little concerned that he may think I am starting to develop stalker tendencies but my face is not yet on a poster baring me from the practice so I figure all is good. Me and the cat are back to see him again on Wednesday- I have made the appointment at an earlier time to keep him on his toes-variety is the spice of life after all!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The night before my Birthday

As the title of this suggests tomorrow is my birthday.
As a child by this point I would have been in a state of heightened anticipation and excitement- counting down the hours until my special day arrived-having spent the last 4 weeks driving my poor parents mad with the daily ritual of working out how many weeks/days/hours I had left to go.
As an adult the novelty is beginning to wear off- don't get me wrong I adore being the centre of attention and love receiving  presents and having an excuse to eat cake but tomorrow I will be 13 for the third time and its starting to loose its appeal.
I suspect the fact that I have a big birthday looming next year (I'm not saying which-you do the Maths!!!)
may be a contributing factor.
I fail to acknowledge that I could possibly be that old- I can remember my Mum hitting the milestone birthday and she was old - grey haired and everything-whereas I like to think of myself as 22, young and funky, and without a hint of a wrinkle or grey hair.
So tomorrow I will endeavour to be realistic- I will be a year older and obviously wiser, after all I cant fight against the ageing process and will proudly tell the world


There- completely foolproof-I can cope with getting older after all!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day

Mothers Day-the one day of the year that as a mum of two I am supposed to wake up to two clean cherubs in mini boden co-ordinating outfits presenting me with a breakfast tray with perfectly boiled egg and lightly toasted soldiers,a pot of earl grey tea and the essential cath kidston napkin. As they quietly open the curtains onto a beautiful sunny spring day I would become aware of the bouquet of nicely understated white roses that my son is clutching and the ginormous box of handmade chocolates that my daughter has hidden behind her back. As the morning progresses I am allowed to move onto the sofa with my favourite book whilst they both bustle around-dusting and polishing, hoovering and cleaning whilst their father oversees operations. I would be overcome with love and affection for my family. After a fabulous roast dinner cooked obviously without my assistance I would be overwhelmed as the children take charge of washing and drying up before offering me a cup of tea.In essence the day would be just like the adverts on the tv,I wouldnt have had to lift a finger all day long and the house would be full of love, happiness and beautifully behaved children.

In real world I am a very lucky Mum who does not need one day of the year to be told my children love and appreciate me-when my 8 year old son with autistic tendencies comes for a cuddle and tells me he likes me I feel like a million dollars.
When my 6 year old daughter gives me  a piece of paper that she has laboured over for hours which says I love you mummy I feel a special glow inside (and hide the paper away in my treasure box so I can enjoy it many times over!)
When I have been poorly and my fab husband has rounded up the troups, taken care of the washing and ironing,cooked numerous roast dinners and never once complained I realise how lucky I am.
When I see my childrens faces light up when I am in the playground to pick them up from school  and they rush over to tell me what they have been doing, when they are still half asleep and I have sleepy cuddles
and when today I was presented with two home made cards, a homemade cake and a breadroll made to look like me I feel like the happiest mummy alive!

 So Happy Mothers Day to all of you mums out there but I am sure like me lots of you do not need a day dictated by the huge cards and gifts industry to know how lucky you are-I count my blessings every single day and love both my grubby, argumentative,infuriating,annoying gorgeous children more than words can say!