Monday, 7 May 2012

my new best friend- Brad the vet

Its been a traumatic few weeks in the scrummy household. We have had poorly sick animals. That's right- plural- both the dog and the cat. Proper poorly animals too- requiring numerous trips to the vets. I have managed 7 visits in the last 3 weeks and a bill of over £700 pounds.

The good news is  that my dog is now fine- the very high temperature has passed, and shes back to being an adorable pain in the backside as per usual.

The cat however is still struggling.She has had a paralysis in her rear leg for 3 weeks now. She appears to think this is somehow my fault and has decided the beat strategy is to sulk. As a result she hasn't moved far and is eating next to nothing. I am finding myself wondering around a selection of supermarkets buying yet more cat food trying to find something to tempt her.Throughout the day I am moving her to her favourite places trying to encourage some signs of life or interest. I have even taken her upstairs in the hope that she would have to make her own way back down - but no she sat exactly where I had left her looking really unhappy until I gave in and carried her back to her bed.

Hence my new best friend Brad. Having only gone to  the vets once a year for boosters, we are now on first name terms. He even recognises my voice on the phone. I suspect hes spending his bank holiday booking a 5 star break somewhere exotic at my expense. I meanwhile am lamenting my decision not to train as a vet 20 years ago. I am a little concerned that he may think I am starting to develop stalker tendencies but my face is not yet on a poster baring me from the practice so I figure all is good. Me and the cat are back to see him again on Wednesday- I have made the appointment at an earlier time to keep him on his toes-variety is the spice of life after all!

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