Friday, 1 June 2012

Red Light means STOP!

I feel the need for a bit of a rant.
I apologise profusely for this before hand- I am usually a fairly easy going kinda girl but sometimes I get really annoyed by other people and their sheer stupidity and today is one of those occasions.

Where I live there is a retirement community next to our housing estate.
Obviously this means a large amount of old and sometime infirm people with mobility issues as well as lots of families with young children.

In order for us residents to get into town we have to cross a very busy main road since there is no pavement on our side of the road.Sensibly the council have installed a crossing to help us get safely to the other side of the road. Its a  proper crossing with traffic lights and everything and as a responsible mother I have gone to great lengths to teach my children not to step out into the road until the lights are on red and the crossing is beeping.

You would think this was simple to understand.

If the lights are red the cars stop and the people cross.
When the lights are green the cars go and the people stop.

Apparently not

Despite the traffic lights being red and the buzzer going off a reckless stupid silver mondeo driver drove straight over the crossing earlier, without even pausing or slowing down-he was easily travelling at 30 MPH 
Luckily a sixth sense stopped me from stepping out.

If I had been on the crossing he would not have been able to stop and I dread to think what the consequences may have been.Even worse anyone with a pushchair or in a wheelchair would have been hard pushed to avoid him.

So to the driver who is out there somewhere please take note and take more care when you are on the roads. RED ALWAYS MEANS STOP  before someone gets seriously hurt.

Rant over.

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  1. I saw two things recently which made me, as a pedestrian, almost poo myself.
    1) A car mounting a pavement and almost ploughing into two children.
    2) A lorry going up a one-way street the wrong way.
    Oh, and don't get me started on people who text while they drive. I was almost killed by one of those 'people' a year ago.
    Good rant. I like a good rant me. :-)