Thursday, 19 July 2012

Preparing for the school holidays

Today's the last day of the school year for my two children. Its also their last day at their current school since they are both moving to a new smaller school in September.
School finishes early today so I have to pick them up at 2.30.
To make matters worse the junior end of term assembly starts at 1.15 and parents are expected to attend.
Lets face it - if you don't attend you can guarantee that somehow they will have managed to win a prize and you will go down in history as the rubbish-est parent ever in the whole entire world to have missed this
monumental moment.
I stick to the theory that as long as I am there the boy wont win anything and disappointment is a very valuable life skill!
There was a mad rush out of the playground this morning as parents rushed to enjoy these last few precious hours before the holidays began.
Me- I'm prepared- cupboards are heaving with food-I've sorted a couple of days out for next week-the forecast seems to be improving-So bring on the next 6 weeks-a chance to have some fun with my fab children without the hassle of homework,trying to coerce my daughter into enjoying school,and getting them both to bed at a reasonable time!
Are you looking forward to the holidays?
Why not share some holiday ideas with me?


  1. I'm planning on doing lots of indoor play and craft ideas I've found on pintrest.
    Love Laura xxx

  2. I've got mine to write lists of things they'd like to try and do this year - some interesting ideas on there! We are going to tick off all the ones we do. I limited them to one trip away and a couple of 'theme' parks each to make them think! x