Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day

Mothers Day-the one day of the year that as a mum of two I am supposed to wake up to two clean cherubs in mini boden co-ordinating outfits presenting me with a breakfast tray with perfectly boiled egg and lightly toasted soldiers,a pot of earl grey tea and the essential cath kidston napkin. As they quietly open the curtains onto a beautiful sunny spring day I would become aware of the bouquet of nicely understated white roses that my son is clutching and the ginormous box of handmade chocolates that my daughter has hidden behind her back. As the morning progresses I am allowed to move onto the sofa with my favourite book whilst they both bustle around-dusting and polishing, hoovering and cleaning whilst their father oversees operations. I would be overcome with love and affection for my family. After a fabulous roast dinner cooked obviously without my assistance I would be overwhelmed as the children take charge of washing and drying up before offering me a cup of tea.In essence the day would be just like the adverts on the tv,I wouldnt have had to lift a finger all day long and the house would be full of love, happiness and beautifully behaved children.

In real world I am a very lucky Mum who does not need one day of the year to be told my children love and appreciate me-when my 8 year old son with autistic tendencies comes for a cuddle and tells me he likes me I feel like a million dollars.
When my 6 year old daughter gives me  a piece of paper that she has laboured over for hours which says I love you mummy I feel a special glow inside (and hide the paper away in my treasure box so I can enjoy it many times over!)
When I have been poorly and my fab husband has rounded up the troups, taken care of the washing and ironing,cooked numerous roast dinners and never once complained I realise how lucky I am.
When I see my childrens faces light up when I am in the playground to pick them up from school  and they rush over to tell me what they have been doing, when they are still half asleep and I have sleepy cuddles
and when today I was presented with two home made cards, a homemade cake and a breadroll made to look like me I feel like the happiest mummy alive!

 So Happy Mothers Day to all of you mums out there but I am sure like me lots of you do not need a day dictated by the huge cards and gifts industry to know how lucky you are-I count my blessings every single day and love both my grubby, argumentative,infuriating,annoying gorgeous children more than words can say!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

my first ever blog!

Blimey how scary is this? having been an avid facebooker and tweeter for a while setting up a blog seemed to be the next logical step in my exploration into the world of social media and its ever growing impact on our everyday lives. Setting up the page, choosing the background colours and fonts was fun but the moment has finally arrived when I have to write something! I am feeling under immense pressure to be witty and interesting- What if no body is interested in the occasionally inane ramblings of a 30 something Mum??? What if this finally proves that I really am completely barking mad??? What if the endless hours of moshi monster music in the background has finally pushed me over the edge and I don't even realise it????
Then I think to myself- sod it- this is all about me-warts and all (for the record don't have any warts....yet....) If you like what I'm saying - fantastic, if I have in anyway offended I apologise- that will never be my intention. I just hope that we can share a journey into the unknown together and have a laugh or two along the way.

Phew - that wasn't too bad- maybe I will get the hang of blogging after all!!!!