Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The night before my Birthday

As the title of this suggests tomorrow is my birthday.
As a child by this point I would have been in a state of heightened anticipation and excitement- counting down the hours until my special day arrived-having spent the last 4 weeks driving my poor parents mad with the daily ritual of working out how many weeks/days/hours I had left to go.
As an adult the novelty is beginning to wear off- don't get me wrong I adore being the centre of attention and love receiving  presents and having an excuse to eat cake but tomorrow I will be 13 for the third time and its starting to loose its appeal.
I suspect the fact that I have a big birthday looming next year (I'm not saying which-you do the Maths!!!)
may be a contributing factor.
I fail to acknowledge that I could possibly be that old- I can remember my Mum hitting the milestone birthday and she was old - grey haired and everything-whereas I like to think of myself as 22, young and funky, and without a hint of a wrinkle or grey hair.
So tomorrow I will endeavour to be realistic- I will be a year older and obviously wiser, after all I cant fight against the ageing process and will proudly tell the world


There- completely foolproof-I can cope with getting older after all!!!